Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons why your card can fail or decline, please see below:

  • CVV Mismatch – The CVV code (3-digit code on the back of card) you entered is incorrect.
  • AVS Incorrect/Rejected/Unavailable – The BILLING address you’ve entered does not match what your bank has on file for that specific card.
  • Insufficient Funds – No money in your account.
  • Issuer Declined – Your bank declined the transaction. (You need to call to override your banks block. There should be no further issues.)

Yes we ship to all states in the USA, we have a flat fee shipping cost.

Sorry but we do not offer overnight shipping.

Sorry but we only sell within USA.

All orders are processed and shipped out the next morning from California. We will email you the tracking number within 48 hours after ordering.

We accept all major credit cards that allow online purchases, including prepaid cards that are registered (they usually have to be registered to make purchases online, please refer to the directions that came with the card).

No sorry, we only offer coupon codes on our website which offer up to 15% off.